Getting Started

The goal of this getting started guide is to walk you through the basic usage of MSA.

Note: This guide assumes that you have already installed the moe-serifu-agent package, if not, please see the Installation page.

Note: This guide will explain how to run MSA from the moe-serifu-agent package. To run from source see Running From Source

Up and running

To start MSA run, moe-serifu-agent in a terminal. You will be presented with a prompt. Interacting with the prompt is the most basic way to interact with MSA.

To find available commands type help e.g.

>> help
Available Commands:
echo: Echos provided text back through the terminal
quit: Shuts down the current Moe Serifu Agent instance
help: Prints available commands and information about command usage.

To read the help text for a specific command, type help [name of a command] e.g.

>> help echo
Help text for command 'echo':
Usage: 'echo [text]'
Options: No available options.
Description: Echos provided text back through the terminal

To exit at any time, press Ctrl+c or type quit.

Now that we have covered how to get up and running with MSA, here are a few more topics worth reading: