Architectural Overview

Note: This section is very techy. If you are not interested or knowledgeable in programming or how the internals of the MSA work, this section is likely not for you.

Built-in Modules

Command Registry

The Command Registry is the heart and soul of the command system. When a user enters text, and the TTY module propagates a TextInputEvent, the Command Registry attempts to parse the input into an invoke keyword and a list of parameters. If the first token in the input matches the invoke keyword of a registered command type, the Command Registry will propagate a new event for the registered command type to handle.

The Command Registry also handles listening and displaying text for help queries.




The time module propogates a TimeEvent at the beginning of every minute.


The TTY module enable input and output from the terminal. The TTY modules input handler listsens to the TTY for terminal input and generates a TextInputEvent for other modules to handle.